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Usb to SMS to SMS

Well, with much anticipation it finally arrived. At first glance, it looked like quite a project. The retrozone kit comes with everything pictured to the right (part C) and a USB cable that you replace the oem game pad cable with. I sat down and looked everything over and decided to build the entire kit in side a box eliminating the need to dismantle a controller and not needing the USB cable shipped with the kit.


  • A) Project Enclosure with PC Board (radio shack part 270-283) - $3.99

  • B) USB b Female PC mount (mouser part 538-67068-0001) - $1.40

  • C) Retrozone Atari Kit - $17.99

  • D) Solder less, Crimp Style Male Db-9 plug (radio shack part 276-1427) $1.59

Total Cost $24.97 not including any shipping charges

(Addendum Note : Retrozone has recently updated the USB kit and requires half of the work now.)