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Pause-Button Mod

  Tired of getting up to pause your game? Now you don't have to. I have here, a pause button that you can build right inside your controller. Many thanks to Nick Pedersen for this mod. This was his idea and he helped alot on this project.

         Now here is a quick rundown on how this works. You install a pushbutton switch in the controller and connect the left and right lines to it. when you press the button it will push left and right at the same time. now that ground signal will be sent to a 4071 OR GATE which will send a ground signal to the pause button.

         Well lets start with the controller. In order to install the button you need to drill a hole. I have a small micro/pushbutton for this already drilled and installed (fig B). Now you will need to install the resistors (see parts list belowfor specifications) to the switch and ground it (fig A). I used the left and right directions on the controller. Orange and yellow wires. Attach one resistor to the Yellow and the other to the Orange then the other end of the resistors needs to go to the switch. The other leg on the switch needs to be grounded to the ground line in the pad. Easy part is done. Congrats!

         Next; The install of the IC. There is a diagram of the IC and where each lead goes to on the bottom (diag A). A few things to keep in mind here. I used electrical tape to keep anything from touching and you will need some soldering skills to do this part. the pins coming off the IC are pretty hard to solder, at least for me they were. I butchered 2 IC's before I finally got it right. the wire for the pause button goes to the leg I circled (fig C) the other four wires are simple enough to the point I should not need pictures.

       That's it! Really, its that simple. I had a hard time with this mod because of a simple mistake I made. Make sure you triple check everything. My ground wire was not soldered properly and was causing a bad connection. Once I re-soldered it everything was good.

Digi Key

MC14071BCP 4071 OR GATE
27KH-ND 27K OHM Resistors

Radio Shack

275-1571 SPST Momentary Pushbutton

Total cost for above parts was under $5.00 US Dollars. Very reasonable mod.