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AV Jacks
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AV Jacks

   Take a look at the top picture. The Black box you see is located behind the A/V port on the SMS unit. The Yellow is for video and the Red is the mono audio. The Black is the ground. you should be safe to use any of the silver around the edge of the board as a ground too. After you drill and place your phono connectors in your system, the wiring is real simple. Run a wire from the Yellow tag on the board to the center of the phono jack you will use for Video. Since the SMS is Mono or at least all my US ones are. You can run the wire from the Red tag to both of the center pieces of your audio Phono jacks. All that's left is to link all three grounds together and solder them to the Ground point on the board.


The jacks needed for this mod are available at RADIOSHACK there catalog number is 274-346

(On a side note. This specific mod is for a SMS1 model.)