Zillion Special Room Messages

(D,2) (Suicide) You have a keen intellectual appetite
(E,2) (Explode) The 1st room from the left on the 2nd floor is a hidden room
(G,4) (Suicide) Hit 8 times somewhere on the right-hand wall of the 3rd room from the right on the top floor
(H,5) (Explode) The right-hand wall of the 2nd room from the left on the bottom floor can be destroyed
(I,6) (Explode) Input "suicide" into the computer in the room 4th from the left and 7th from the top
(I,8) (Suicide) Think it over again
(N,6) (Explode) The command "explode" is applicable only for the main computer


To become invincible in room (C,3), get halfway on the elevator so that J.J. is in the laser beam. Go up and down between floors. When J.J.'s power reaches 0, the floor will drop out and J.J. will be invincible. (This is difficult and may require several attempts.) Once J.J. is invincible, the game cannot be paused.

Secret Passages and Hidden Power-Up's

By shooting walls at the end of hallways, you can sometimes open up secret passages or find hidden power-up's. You may have to lay down for this to work. You can determine the correct position (i.e., standing or laying down) by observing in which one your laser beam is more quickly absorbed into the wall. The position in which your laser is quickly absorbed is the correct position. Once this is determined, fire into the wall until it opens or until the power-up appears. Some require more shots than others, so be patient. Note that you cannot actually get the power-up's; they increase your power when they appear. Below is a list of rooms with secret passages or power-up's. Secret Passages are colored purple on the map below.

(A,1) power-up
(B,2) passage
(F,1) power-up
(F,3) passage
(H,3) passage
(N,1) passage
(P,2) passage

The Dragon

After you input "explode" into the main computer, you will have to fight a dragon in the "Black Room." Hit it in the mouth 20 times. Afterwards, if you cancel the explosion and then re-input "explode", you will have more time to escape since you will not fight the dragon the second time.

The Zillion Map:

Zillion Map

Level-Up Rooms (Opa-Opas, 'O' on map)

(A,6)-2, (B,1), (C,4), (D,2), (D,3), (E,6), (G,6), (G,7), (I,2), (I,8)-2, (J,2)-2, (K,2)-2, (K,7), (L,2)-2, (L,5), (M,7), (N,2), (O,3), (O,7), (P,3)

Zillion Rooms (Gun upgrade, 'G' on map)

(A,6), (I,2), (K,6), (L,3), (N,2), (N,7)

Floppy Rooms ('F'on map)

(D,2), (F,5), (I,2), (J,4), (N,6)

Scope Rooms (for seeing infra-red beams, 'S' on map)

(A,8), (H,5), (K,7), (L,7)


Apple ('A' on map) : (E,5)
Champ ('C' on map) : (K,6)

Important Rooms

Red ID card ('R' on map) : (M,7)
Main computer (J,6)


Ending 1

The "Zillion" men were able to escape a very
dangerous situation and accomplish their mission.

Ending 2 (If someone in your party dies)

Although some of the "Zillion" men were lost,
their mission was successful.

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