Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap

Wonder Boy has been cursed! The amazing kid has crossed paths with the MEKA dragon. He critically wounds the ugly beast, but its final breath turns Wonder Boy into a Lizard-Man! The young fighter must now seek out the Salamander Cross, the only force that can restore him to his normal self. But first he must find it...

Wonder Boy III - The Dragon's Trap

Curses! After having defeated the mighty MEKA dragon, Wonder Boy discovers to his dismay that a terrible spell has been cast on him by the mortally wounded beast: He's been changed into a Lizard-Man!

Now the only thing that can save him is the Salamander Cross. Legend has it that the magical cross has been hidden by the Vampire Dragon deep within Monster Land. To get the cross and change Wonder Boy back to his original appearance, you'll have to journey through desert, jungles, under the deep blue sea and even underground. And in each of these lands, you'll have to overcome an evil dragon!

Guide Wonder Boy through Monster Land, but be prepared to battle some of the most deadly, frightening creatures you've ever faced. Each step can mean death. each battle may be the last. Above all, be prepared for change!

Wonder Boy III: Town Screen

Taking Control:

Use your Control Pads to do the following:

D-Button: Select items in Status Screen by moving hand-shaped cursor; move right or left; stoop down(for Hu-man or Lizard-Man only); go inside door by pushing the button up.

Button 1: Attack with sword in direction Wonder Boy is facing, or blows flame (Lizard-Man). Also returns from Status Screen to play mode.

Button 2: Jumps, confirms a cursor selection.

D-Button DOWN plus Button 2: Shoots weapon item. (Item must be highlighted on the Status Screen before it can be used.)

Pause Button (on Sega Power Base): Shows Status Screen. Has pause function inside dragon rooms.

Special Operations

Attach to a Wall: For Mouse-Man, press Button 2 and the D-Button in the direction of the wall. You will cling.

Walk on the Wall or Ceiling: Press the D-Button in the desired direction.

Swim: For Piranha-Man, press Button 2 rapidly.

Fly: For Hawk-Man, press Button 2 rapidly.

Getting Started

When playing the game for the first time, select NEW GAME. (If you select CONTINUE by mistake, press the reset button to try again.) Advance Wonder Boy through the castle in the opening scene, trying to find your way to the bottom level and the dragon's lair. There is a door at the end of the hallway in the basement. When you enter the door, you'll begin your battle with the MEKA dragon.

If you succeed in defeating the dragon and escaping for the self-destructing castle, you'll be transported to the town. From now on, all adventures in this game will begin from the town.

If you are defeated during the course of the game, you have two options. You may either use CONTINUING PLAY, which will put you immediately back into the game at the town (see CONTINUING PLAY) or you may use a PASSWORD to continue at a later time.


Wonder Boy III: Password Screen

Passwords allow you to get back into a game after you have died and after the power has been turned OFF, keeping you present form, gold and all the weapons and armor you possess.

You can get passwords in the church in town. Write them down carefully! Passwords are used when starting from the Title Screen. Select CONTINUE and press Button 2.

A password column will appear on screen when you select CONTINUE. Press the D-Button left or right to move the cursor over each of the 14 characters. Press the D-Button up or down to change the letters to the correct sequence; from 0-9 and A-Z. Do not be alarmed if you notice some letters missing from the alphabet. All passwords you receive can be entered. When finished, move the cursor to END and press Button 2. You will enter the town with everything you had except magical items and life potions.

Playing The Game

The object of Wonder Boy III is to find the Salamander Cross. Starting from the town, you must explore different areas for visual clues and items you need to finish the game. At the end of each area awaits a dragon. When you defeat these dragons your appearance will change as well as your fighting abilities.

Accept these changes. Besides being fun, they are necessary to finish the game!

You first start out from the town as a Lizard-Man. You blow flame to defeat creatures. After knocking down enemies, money or weapons appear, which you can pick up by touching them.

In the course of the game you will find many doors. If the D-Button is pushed up when you stand in front of a door, it will open and you can examine what is inside. If it is a shop or hospital, you can buy items or get medical treatment to restore your life, provided you have enough gold!

Note: If a Boss Dragon is defeated, gold will jump out of a blue flame. Get as much gold as you can before you are touched by the blue flame. When the flame touches you, your appearance will change!


Here are the characteristics of the shapes you will find yourself in:

Wonder Boy III: Lizard-Man Lizard-Man: AP:0/DP:0/CP:0
Blows flame. When money is accumulated, he can become stronger by arming himself with purchased items. When attacking a short enemy, press Button 1 while pressing the D-Button downwards.

Wonder Boy III: Mouse-Man Mouse-Man: AP:60/DP:20/CP:40
Because his body is small, he can enter places other creatures cannot. He can also walk on walls and ceilings made of "mouse block."

Wonder Boy III: Piranha-Man Piranha-Man: AP:90/DP:50/CP:50
Can swim freely in water. Because of this, there are some places only Piranha-Man can enter.

Wonder Boy III: Lion-Man Lion-Man: AP:90/DP:50/CP:50
A tough customer, he attacks by swinging a sword from his head to the tips of his paws.

Wonder Boy III: Hawk-Man Hawk-Man: AP:30/DP:10/CP:20
Can soar freely through the air. (Although he can be hurt when his wings get wet.) There are places only Hawk-Man can enter because of his flying ability.

When your appearance changes, so do your abilities. Ability is measured as follows:

AP: Attacking Power. The higher the value, the larger will be the extent of damage that can be inflicted. Different swords have different values.

DP: Defense Points. The higher the value, the better the protection from an attack. Different shields and armor have different values.

CP: Charm Points. Value depends on accumulated opints for different appearances, types of armor, and the number of Charm Stones. If this value is low, effective equipment cannot be purchased in the shop.

The Game Screen

Wonder Boy III: Main Screen

Life: Shows the strength of Wonder Boy's life. When all the red hearts change to black, the game ends.

Medicine: Show the number of recovery medicines that Wonder Boy has in his possession.

Gold: Amount of gold currently in Wonder Boy's possession. When gold is taken, it value is displayed for a few seconds.

Dragon HP: Remaining percent of a boss dragon's life points. This displays during battle with the bosses.

Status Screen

Wonder Boy III: Status Screen

When the Pause button is pressed, a Status Screen appears. Here, items that you've obtained can be examined and utilized by selecting with the D-Button and pressing Button 2. When Button 1 is pressed, the screen returns to normal play.

Arm. List: Shows list of available swords.

Shield List: Shows list of available shields.

Armor List: Shows list of available armor.

Stone: Shows current number of Charm Stones (maximum 99).

Key: Opens locked doors. Can only have one key at all times. If you have a key, the door can be opened without selecting it on the Item Screen.


There are several kinds of swords, shields and helmets available. You can put on and take off most equipment any number of times. When equipment is obtained, its name shows up on the Equipment Screen, but it does not meant that you are currently wearing it.

To wear a particular piece of equipment, you must first select it with the cursor and press Button 2. its displayed name will change to white to confirm that you are now wearing it. Press Button 1 to return to the Status Screen, and Button 1 again to return to play.


Purchases in the shop are required if you hope to be strong enough to defeat all your enemies. But you can't purchase needed equipment without first obtaining gold. Earn money by defeating creatures or by opening treasure chests.


Wonder Boy III: Shop Screen There are many shops available in town or inside caves. You can usually identify a shop as a door with a window on it, although some shops do not have windows. When you enter a shop, merchandise is displayed. Put the cursor on the item you want, and its price will be displayed on the lower left-hand column. If the prices is red, it means you don't have enough money. If a question mark is displayed on the name of the merchandise, it means you don't have enough charm. If this is the case, you must increase your money and gather more Charm Stones before attempting to shop again.

To leave the shop, put the cursor on EXIT and press Button 1 or Button 2, or simply press Button 2.


Wonder Boy III: Hospital Screen You can restore life points here, provided you have enough money. Hospitals are rare, so remember their location.

Special Blocks

Wonder Boy III: Jump Block Jump Block: A block with an arrow. When you jump on top of this block, you are sprung high in the air.

Wonder Boy III: Mouse Block Mouse Block: Checker-patterned block. The Mouse-Man can walk on the walls and ceilings made of these blocks.

Wonder Boy III: Destructible Block Destructible Block:Can be destroyed with the Thunder Saber.


To enter the doors you find in the game, stand in front of the door and press the D-Button up. The different kinds of doors are detailed below:

Wonder Boy III: Windowed Door Door with Window: Shops.

Wonder Boy III: Normal Door Door without a window: Some rooms with treasure chests or hospitals have this kind of door. Some doors lead to unexpected destinations.

Wonder Boy III: Green Lock Door Green door with a lock: Cannot be opened without a key. Once opened, the key is no longer needed.

Wonder Boy III: Red Lock Door Red door with a lock: Cannot be opened without a key. Even when opened, cannot be reopened without a key.


Several important items are necessary to help Wonder Boy. You can get these by defeating creatures, finding them inside treasure chests, or by buying them in shops.

Wonder Boy III: Salamander Cross Salamander Cross: Restores Wonder Boy to human form.

Wonder Boy III: Life Hearts Life Hearts: Increases life capacity by one heart. Hidden in seven treasure chests. (The first one is in the basement of the starting town.)

Wonder Boy III: Key Key: Every door with a lock can be opened with this key.

Wonder Boy III: Thunder Saber Thunder Saber: With this item, you can pulverize the Destructible Block.

Wonder Boy III: Magical Saber Magical Saber: In certain places, this sword can actually create stone blocks! You can't finish the game without it.

Wonder Boy III: Arms, Shields and Armor Arms, Shields and Armor: There are numberous types of swords, shields, and armor available. Some give you increased life, make you impervious to lava or make charm, hearts and money easier to obtain!

Wonder Boy III: Stone Stone: Charm Stones. When the number of stones you have is small, you cannot buy certain equipment in the shop.

Wonder Boy III: Small Heart Small Heart: Life is restored a little.

Wonder Boy III: Large Heart Large Heart: Life is restored the most.

Wonder Boy III: Medicine Medicine: Restores life when heart points reach zero. You can have a maximum of three medicines.

Weapon Items

To use weapon items, first select them from the Status Screen. Use them by pressing Button 2 and the D-Button down.

Wonder Boy III: Fireball Fireball: Moves forward and damages any enemy it hits.

Wonder Boy III: Arrow Arrow: Shoots straight up. Can hit any enemy overhead.

Wonder Boy III: Thunder Thunder: Damages all enemies on screen.

Wonder Boy III: Boomerang Boomerang: Flies forward and returns.

Wonder Boy III: Tornado Tornado: Moves forward. Bounces back after hitting enemy and extinguishes itself.

Enemy Creatures

Each type of creature's strength is determined by its color: red is weakest, green in strong, blue is strongest.

Wonder Boy III: Enemies

Boss Dragons

Each time you defeat a Boss Dragon, you will be cursed and your appearance will change.

Wonder Boy III: MEKA Dragon MEKA Dragon:
The dragon that got you into this mess to begin with.

Wonder Boy III: Mummy Dragon Mummy Dragon:
A dragon that became a mummy in a pyramid. It has the magical power of turning its enemy into a mouse.

Wonder Boy III: Dragon Zombie Dragon Zombie:
Lives on the top floor of the jungle tower.

Wonder Boy III: Captain Dragon Captain Dragon:
A pirate once changed his appearance with black magic, and now it lives as a dragon in a sunken ship deep beneath the ocean waves.

Wonder Boy III: Daimyo Dragon Daimyo Dragon:
Lives deep inside a cave in a Japanese castle.

Wonder Boy III: Vampire Dragon Vampire Dragon:
You must defeat it to obtain the Salamander Cross and change back to human form.

Helpful Hints