Take part in the wildest, most adventurous video game ever! Enter a land of myth and magic, where only you stand between peace and an evil darker than you worst nightmares.

You are Kane. This adventure will prove your worthiness to wear the name SpellCaster!


Once upon a time your name was Kane Tensen. Your parents were simple farmers in the rolling hills of old Japan. But you had ambitions. You wanted to become a great and noble warrior. So on your thirteenth birthday, your parents let you join Summit Tmple, where the ancient arts of battle were taught. When you joined, you gave up your last name and became simply known as Kane.

Years passed...and you learned powers greater than you had ever dreamed. The ability to cll down the strengths of the gods! To fly, cast lightning bolts and balls of fire! You became a mystic warrior, protecting the innocent, searching for higher truths and building the strengths that would make you the most powerful kind of warrior, a SpellCaster. Your life was peaceful...until the attacks began.

The first temples destroyed were the small ones high in the mountains. The villagers in the little mountain towns said that the temples had been attacked by an unnamed, evil army of humans and nightmarish creatures who struck like lightning and then disappeared.

Daikak, the wise leader of Summit Tmple, sent groups of warriors out to guard the temples. They never returned. Still, he was able to learn a little about the true nature of the problem. Monumental events were taking place that would change the fate of the World! Gods and demons were being summoned from the Otherworld. Powerful, ancient relics of power and magic were being unearthed. Clans gathered on all parts of the country.

And you, the mystic warrior known only as Kane, were to be the most important player in the life-and-death dramam that was about to begin.

Daikak summoned you and sent you to check on a group of warriors guarding a temple. As you left, you felt grim certainty that the coming events would not be pleasant. Whatever the future held would forge you as certain as fire forges a strong sword.

It was time to face your destiny. Go now, and face your true calling as SpellCaster!

Taking Control:

Directional Button (D-Button):
Moves Selection cursor.
In air, moves Kane LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN.
To go UP stairs.
Button 1:
Shoot "Ki" force.
Cancel menu command.
Use magic.
Button 2:
Confirm menu command.

Getting Started

With the title screen showing, press Button 1 or Button 2. Pressing Button 1 or 2 again will put you into a selection screen for beginning a game. Select an option with the D-Button and press Button 2 to confirm.

NEW GAME: Starts from the beginning of the game. Use this option if you have not received a Password in the course of the game.

PASSWORD: As you play SpellCaster, you will in the course of play receive multiple digit passwords. Selecting this option and pressing Button 2 will allow you to enter your password to place you back in the game at the point where you received your password, with all your possessions and powers intact.


The object of SpellCaster is simple: read the last message of the game. If you get that far, everything is explained.

Game Over

When Kane's strength is gone, he will fall to the ground and the game will end. At this point, you will receive the option to:

BREAK: End the game completely and start over from the beginning or from a password.

CONTINUE: Begin at the start of the scene in which you died.

NOTE: If you receive a password, die and then select CONTINUE, that password will be invalidated and unusable.

Action & Adventure Screens

SpellCaster takes place in two game formats: action and adventure scenes. In action scenes you'll do battle with the multitude of creatures who stand in your way.

STGH (Strength): You begin the game with a strength of 20. This number will increase as you gain in experience. When Kane is hit, the number decreases. When it reaches zero, Kane will fall and the game is over. Strength can be restored by capturing blue balls some enemies leave behind when they are defeated.

ENGY (Energy): Energy is power for using spells. When the energy is at zero, no spells can be used. Different spells use different amounts of energy...the more powerful the spell, the more energy is used. Energy can be regained by capturing the orange balls some enemies leave behind.

Adventure scenes will call on your powers of intellect and strategy as you listen to conversations, use items and conjure up spells. It is in the adventure scenes that the story of the game unfolds! Listen to the characters who appear in the View Window and search their stories for clues. You can also see and obtain items in the mode by using the commands in the Command Window.

View Window: Shows the present location.

Command Window: Shows the command menu.

Talk Window: Shows the words the character is saying. Press Button to advance the messages.

Kane Window: Shows Kane's expression as he speaks.


Commands are used by selecting them with the D-Button, then pressing Button 2 to confirm. Cancel selections by pressing Button 1.

MOVE: A command used to enter and leave buildings, towns, etc. Select your choice with the cursor and press Button 2 to move.

TALK: Allows you to converse with the characters you meet. When specific subjects are discussed, select them with the cursor and press Button 2.

LOOK: Allows you to examine your surroundings.

TERRAIN: Gives you an overview of what you are looking at.

AT WHAT?: Allows you to examine a specific object. Point to it with the finger using the D-Button and press Button 2.

TAKE: Allows you to TAKE an item shown in the View Window. Be sure to LOOK at it first so that the object is identified by name. Then you can add it to your possessions.

USE: Lets you use an item you possess.

SPELL: Allows you to use magic. There are nine spells that can be used in the Adventure scenes.

Status Screen

If you press the PAUSE button on the Sega Power Base during the Action scenes, you will automatically access the Status screen.

ATTK (ATTACK): Shows the weapons that increase Kane's attack strength.

DFNS (DEFENSE): Shows the armor that increases Kane's defense strength.

SPELL: The list of spells that can be used in the Action scenes. To use a spell, select it with the D-Button and press Button 2. You will return to the Action scene. To cancel a spell or use no spell at all, select ---- and press Button 2.


In the course of the game, you will find weapons that increase Kane's attack strength. While you don't see these weapons being used, their power is shown by the increase in effect of Kane's "Ki" force attacks. The weapons can be viewed in the Status screen.

A handheld steel spike with two sharp points used by gripping in the center. the basic weapon and first one studied at Summit Temple.

The stell claw. It is held like a Dokko, but is more powerful and causes more damage to the enemy.

An ancient, powerful weapon from China. It has been forged from enchanged metal to fight evil.

War Hammer:
A mystical weapon with great powers! It is said that it was forged by the Gods and will greatly increase the strength of any man who owns it!

Magic Spells

Along with his martial arts training at Summint Temple, Kane learned the art of magic. Used carefully and when Kane has enough Energy, magic can defeat almost all of your enemies.

To use spells, press the PAUSE button to access the Status screen. Select the desired spell with the D-Button and press Button 2. You will return to the Action scene. To use the spell, press the D-Button DOWN and then push Button 1.

If you are touched by an enemy while using a spell, the spell will be broken and you will have to use the D-Button and Button 1 again to revive the spell.

As the name implies, using this spell will allow the Wise Kangiten to give you a password. You cannont get a password in the Action scenes. This spell will only be usable in the Adventure scenes.

A spell to focus your "Ki" energy into a beam of destructive light!

Calls on the Thunder God to storm lightning on your enemies.

Calls forth a great ball of fire!

A kinder spell that returns the walking dead to the underworld. But it is not effective against all evil spirits.

Calls on the God of War to restore your strength.

Calls on the God of Winds to send a tornado or high winds against your enemies.

Gives you the power to fly!

A spell that creates a shield impervious to all the enemy's missile at-


You receive passwords in Adventure scenes by using the spell PASSWORD. The God Kangiten will give you a 24 letter code. Write it down CAREFULLY! Then, if you die and select BREAK when asked, you can use the password to get back into the game at the same screen in which you received it, with all your Strength, Energy and possessions.

The password is made of 24 letters and numbers. If you enter them correctly, the game willrestart. Bit if you enter even one letter incorrectly, you will get the message "WRONG!" and will have to discover which letter has been entered incorrectly.

Enter the password by selecting the upper and lower case letters and numbers with the D-Button and pressing Button 2.

To correct password entries, select the LEFT or RIGHT arrows with the cursor, press Button 1, hold and move the cursor to the letter or number you wish to change.

When your corrections have been made, move the cursor to "ED" and press Button 2. The game will begin from the point at which you last saved.

If you wish to stop during the entering of a password and return to the Title screen, press Buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously.


In addition to the weapons and armor you may find, there are a number of special items that you must find to complete the game.

Sword of Kusanagi
A magical sword taken from one of the eight tails of the Serpent God.

Sword of Seven Branches
A powerful sword with the ability to wake the Gods!

Sacred Mirror
An object of great power.

X-Ray Glasses
Allows you to see some things more clearly.

Once belonged to a humble monk. Find it, and its powers will surprise you.

Harp of Amano
Sweet music from a land down under!

Your Friends

In this game you are your own best friend. As you learn the truth about your heritage, you will learn exactly who your true friends...and enemies really are.

The ancient leader of Summit Temple. He is Kane's guide and teacher, with many bits of wisdom to help Kane on his quest.

The noodle man of Izumo. In addition to making great pasta, Kuma could provide enlightenment in certain areas. Noodle vendors hear a lot of gossip!

Midori & Her Grandfather
Both of these kind people from beside the sea will help you in many important ways...if you help them!

Helpful Hints