Space Harrier

Far away, there was a special land. Where
peaceful dragons lived peaceful lives.

Until the attack. Vicious creatures seeking final
extinction for the dragons. You are their last
hope. You are Space Harrier.

For one player only.

What's Happening

As Space Harrier, you must save The Land of Dragons, and yourself, from extinction.

Space Harrier

There are 18 waves, or stages, of enemy creatures. You begin at stage 1 and move upward. At the end of each stage, a highly dangerous "Boss Creature" appears. Destroy this leader of the pack and you will proceed to the next stage.

When you have successfully cleared all 18 stages, peace will reign again over The Land of Dragons.

As Space Harrier, you are given three lives. A BONUS LIFE IS AWARDED when your score reaches 5,000,000.

THE GAME ENDS when you have lost all of your reserve lives or when you have successfully cleared all 18 stages of enemy attack.

To Start The Game

Press the start button on the control pad.

Start of game

Space Harrier will appear towards the middle of the screen.

The number of reserve lives appears just below Space Harrier.

The highest score, thus far, appears at the upper left corner.

Your current score appears at the upper right corner.

The current stage of battle appears at the lower right corner.

Using The Control Pad

SMS Control Pad

Buttons 1 and 2 can be used as start buttons to begin the game.
Thereafter, they both act as "shoot buttons."

The directional button is used to move Space Harrier. Apply pressure to the top, bottom, right or left side of this button to move in the direction desired.

 move up 
move leftarrows pointing up, down, left, rightmove right
 move down 

Battle Stages

Here are the battles you will encounter. Clear all 18 stages and The Land of Dragons will be saved!

Stage 1: MOOTStage 10: MINIA
Stage 2: GEEZAStage 11: PARMS
Stage 3: AMARStage 12: BONUS STAGE
Stage 4: CEICEILStage 13: DRAIL
Stage 5: BONUS STAGEStage 14: ASUITE
Stage 6: OLISISStage 15: VICEL
Stage 7: LUCASIAStage 16: NATURA
Stage 8: IDAStage 17: NARK
Stage 9: REVIStage 18: ASYMBEL

Enemy Creatures

(VALUE = 5,000 points each)

Weeds Trees Ground Rocks
Kinoko mushrooms Peanuts Mammoth

(Also 10,000 points when hit in the sky.)

The following land creatures cannot be destroyed by your weapons. Your only defense is to avoid them.

Matsutake mushroom Incaic Pole Tower of Doom
Inhabited Tower Tower of Control Tower of Swords

VALUE = 10,000 points each)

Mukadense Looper Parkomen
MUKADENSE (small helicopter) LOOPER (hybrid of plant and animal) PARKOMEN
Jet planes Airborne rocks Canaries
Skegg Dom Tomos
SKEGG (attacks in the air) DOM (very efficient robot) TOMOS (very intelligent; attacks by splitting into three parts)

(VALUE = 10,000 points each)

Rollies (OLISIS)
ROLLIES (attacks by spinning)
Tetrahedron (LUCASIA) Octopus (DRAIL)
TETRAHEDRON (attacks by opening and shutting) OCTOPUS (spins; attacks with four tentacles)

The following creatures are indestructible. Avoid them:

Binzbean Stanrey
BINZBEAN (20-sided spaceship)STANREY (Dom's mother ship)


(16 hits to the head needed to destroy.)

Squilla (MOOT) Valda (VICEL) Barbarian (GEEZA, ASUTE)
800,000 points
800,000 points
900,000 points
Godarni (AMAR) Syura (IDA) Salpedon (PARMS)
1,100,000 points
900,000 points
1,100,000 points

Wi Wi Jumbo (NARK) (Downed only when
destroying WI WI JUMBO
300,000 points

Bonus Stages

Stage 5 and stage 12 are bonus stages. There, you can ride on the back of the brave dragon, Euria.


During that time, you are indestructible and everything on land can be destroyed just by touching it. This includes trees, incaic poles, etc.

Bonus stage

During these bonus stages, each land object that is destroyed will add 50,000 points to your score.

Entering Your Name

When the game ends, if your score ranks with the top seven scores, you can enter your name on screen (a maximum of three letters or characters can be used).

High Scores screen

To select each letter, press the right or left side of the directional button (this scans up or down the alphabet). When a desired letter appears, press a start button.

To make a correction, select the arrow symbol and then reenter the correct letter.

Your score and rank will be indicated in red characters.

Helpful Hints

There are many types of enemy creatures. To destroy them all, study the patterns of their movements and attacks. Then, you can be one step ahead of them.

Take full advantage of the bonus stages by destroying as many on-land obstacles as possible.

Continue Feature

When you wish to continue after the game is over (limited to 3 times), immediately press BUTTON 1, while at the same time keeping the DIRECTIONAL BUTTON pressed down in the diagonally lower left direction. This feature cannot be utilized after the score ranking appears on the screen.

How To Use The Sound Feature

In the TITLE SCENE, move the DIRECTIONAL BUTTON in the RIGHT-LEFT-DOWN-UP sequence. When the SOUND TEST listing is on the screen, bring the arrow to the desired number and press BUTTON 1. The selected sound / music can then be heard.