Journey into the dark lands of Semia where no man dares to tread. A princess has been kidnapped. If you rescue her, untold riches will be your reward. But you're a barbarian ... a master of cold steel! And who really controls your destiny?



This is the story of a barbarian who battled destiny with cold steel ... and won.

His name was Rastan. He was a bounty hunter by trade, in a savage land ruled by cutthroats and villains. Rastan was a giant of a man with muscles of iron and the scars of many a bloody battle. It was known by all that where Rastan strode, death was soon to follow.

But not even the seers with their rune stones could see what fate held in store for Rastan. One thing was certain. Rastan would let no man ... or God ... control his destiny!

Rastan (again)

It began when the king called him to the royal courts. He asked Rastan to rescue his daughter. She was being held in the darkest reaches of Semia; a region where even the foulest thieves feared to go. In return, the king promised Rastan untold riches!

Rastan sharpened his Barbarian Sword and set out to rescue the princess. The rest is history...

Getting Started

Title Screen

Rastan is a one player game. To begin, insert the cartridge in your Sega Power Base and press the Power Button. When the title screen appears, press the Start Button.

You begin Rastan with three lives. When the game is over, you have these options:

Continue Screen

CONTINUE:This will put you back into the game at the beginning of the last round you played. You can continue three times.
END: This will bring you back to the title screen for a new game.

screen during play

Rastan has seven rounds. Each round has three scenes. In the third scene you will have to do battle with one of the minion lords of Semia. Defeat them, and your life meter will increase in size. But you must fight fast. In the third round your life meter will gradually diminish whether you are hit by the enemy or not. It's to your advantage to find their weak spot and defeat them as quickly as possible.

Taking Control

Press Button 1 to operate weapons.

SMS Game Pad

Press Button 2 to jump.

The Directional Button moves Rastan in eight directions.

UP: To climb ropes. High jump (with Button 2). Attack (with Button 1.)

DOWN: To kneel. To climb down ropes. (NOTE: You cannont climb up or down swinging ropes).

LEFT: To move left. Attack (with Button 1).

RIGHT: To move right. Attack (with Button 1).

Jump in that direction when used with Button 2.

COMBINATIONS: Press Button 2 to jump. Then press Button 1 and DOWN on the D-Button. Rastan will attack from above!


If you press the PAUSE Button on your Power Base during game play, you will access a subscreen showing your inventory and score.

Inventory Screen


You begin Rastan with a Barbarian Sword. In the course of the game you will find other weapons and items to help you in your battle. Some items can be found just by looking. Others will appear after you defeat an enemy. Items can be picked up and used by touching them with Rastan's sword or body. But remember that they only last for a limited amount of time. There are three kinds of items; offensive, defensive and special.

Offensive Items

You will gain extra points by obtaining and using these items.

Barbarian Sword

Barbarian Sword -- 0 Points
This is the sword Rastan has in the beginning of the game. When other items are used up, Rastan will still have this sword to use.

Battle Axe

Battle Axe -- 200 Points
More powerful than the sword with a longer reach. Inflicts more damage to the enemy.


Mace -- 300 Points
Has a much longer reach. The damage inflicted to the enemy is the same as the Barbarian Sword.

Fire Sword

Fire Sword -- 0 Points
The most powerful weapon. The sword has increased attacking power and shoots deadly balls of fire at the enemy!

Defensive Items

These items either increase Rastan's defensive strength or reduce the damage done by enemy attacks.


Shield -- 1,000 Points
Reduces damage inflicted during enemy attacks by 1/2.


Mantle -- 1,500 Points
Damage inflicted by touching the enemy is reduced by 1/2.


Armor -- 2,000 Points
Armor reduces the damage inflicted by both enemy attack and touching the enemy by 1/2.

Special Items

These items can be picked up by touching them with Rastan's body.

Medicine 1

Medicine 1
1,000 Points
(Blue) Rastan's life is recovered by 16 percent.

Medicine 2

Medicine 2
2,000 Points
(Blue) Rastan's life is recovered by 32 percent.

Poison 1

Poison 1
10,000 Points
(Red) Rastan's life is reduced by 8 percent.

Poison 2

Poison 2
20,000 Points
(Red) Rastan's life is reduced by 16 percent.

Golden Sheep

Golden Sheep
1,000 Points
Rastan's life is full recovered.


1,500 Points
Doubles point totals until the effect disappears.


2,000 Points
Increases the effective time of Rastan's defense items. If Rastan has no defense items, he will only get the point total.


1,000 Points
Increases the effective time of Rastan's offensive items.


0 Points
Destroys all enemies on the screen.

Rastan: Jewelry

Blue: 1,000 Points
Pink: 2,000 Points
Red: 3,000 Points
Pick these up for added points.


You will find many traps and obstacles in your journey through Semia. Some you can even use to your advantage.

swinging rope

There are two types of ropes: stationary and swinging. You can climb up and down stationary ropes and use your weapons while climbing. On swinging ropes you can use weapons, but you cannot climb.

wall spears

Spears can appear without warning from the ground and walls. If they touch Rastan, he will be wounded and part of your life meter will be lost.

falling icicles

Icicles drop from ceilings and shatter. They will inflict damage if Rastan touches them or the shards.

spiked ceiling

Spiked Ceiling
Spiked Ceilings continually rise and fall. You can crouch under them safely. But stand and you will be spiked ... hard!


They stick up from the ground. If Rastan touches them, he will be injured.

fire column

Fire Columns
There are three kinds: Those that move straight up, to the left and to the right. They are very hot and will cause damage.


Shoot from lava pools a short distance before falling.

water pool

The Water of Semia is poisonous. If you touch it, you will be injured.

face rock shooting fireball

Face Rocks
Face Rocks shoot fireballs that will injure if they touch you.


Boulders drop from the ceiling and then roll along the ground. They can crush you.

muddy water

Muddy Waters
Falls from the ceiling or spills from the pipes. It is even more poisonous than Semia's Water.

floating rock

Floating Rocks
These rocks rise and fall in the water. When they are above surface, you can stand on them with no damage. But if they go below the surface, you will be injured.

destructible stone

Destructible Stone
You can shatter these rocks with a blow from your weapon.

wooden bridge

Wooden Bridges
You can cross some wooden bridges safely. But others will collapse when they feel your weight!


Rafts move left and right across the water. You may ride them safely.

Know Thine Enemy

These are the creatures you will find in the dark lands of Semia.


Bee: 200 Points
Attacks when approached.


Bat: 100 Points
Attacks at nightfall from all directions.


Snake: 200 Points
Fast Moving. Often dropped by Gorgons.

Flying Fish

Flying Fish: 0 Points
Leap from the water.


Gardis: 300 Points
Attacks with swords.


Swordthings: 400 Points
Attacks with swords.


Mantis: 200 Points
Throws knives high and low.


Axethings: 800 Points
Attacks by throwing axes.


Harpie: 500 Points
Hovers in the air, attacks ... and then escapes.


Macethings: 700 Points
Attacks with a mace. It attacks from longer distances than the Swordthing.


Kemmler: 300 Points
When Rastan approaches, Kemmler attacks with fireballs!


Wizard: 800 Points
Throws scrolls. If Rastan is hit by a scroll, he loses offensive and defensive items.


Meduza: 500 Points
When Rastan approaches, Meduza attacks by spraying poison gas.


Gorgon: 700 Points
Flies through the air dropping poisonous snakes.


Spartoy: 900 Points
Attacks with a sword. When approached, it disappears into the ground.

The Evil Lords of Semia

You will encounter these creatures at the end of each round. You must defeat them to advance to the next round.

Kentorous: Round 1

Kentorous: 5,000 Points

Slayer: Round 2

Slayer: 10,000 Points

Aryous: Round 3

Aryous: 20,000 Points

Shukumas: Round 4

Shukumas: 15,000 Points

Fedorak: Round 5

Fedorak: 25,000 Points

Read Dragon: Round 6

Read Dragon: 30,000 Points


Dragon ?

Helpful Hints