Golvellius: Valley of Doom
Overworld Map

Overworld Map

This map is not intended to be an exact reflection of the overworld in Golvellius. The trees, water, rock formations, and other features included are only those that have a significant function as borders, obstacles, etc. The placements and shapes of those features included are accurate enough only to serve their purposes.

Black lines divide the rooms. Thick black lines divide areas. They can all be crossed unless surrounded by an obstacle/border. Passage then depends on the type of obstacle/border. (See below.)

Numbers appearing on the map represent the cost of the item they appear next to. Numbers should be multiplied by 1,000. For example, AB 70 means that the Ascent Boots cost 70,000 pieces of gold. B 0.5 means that the bible costs 500 pieces of gold.


Blue = Obstacle that can be crossed with Aqua or Ascent Boots (Water)
Green = Obstacle that can be crossed only with Ascent Boots (Trees, etc.)
Orange = Obstacle that cannot be crossed. (Rock Formations)

Standard Items and People

B = Bible
C = Crystal
D = Dinah
E = Enny
G = Green Mea
M = Purple Mea
O = Old Woman (gives advice, not a particular item)
P = Life Potion
R = Randar
W = Winkle
][ = Bridge
|| = Passage connecting two areas that opens only after defeating a demon

Special Items (Highlighted in red)

AB = Ascent Boots (F,1)
AP = Aresta's Pendant (I,7)
AS = Arasuzu's Shield (M,9)
LS = Legendary Sword (C,1)
MR = Mirror (F,5)
QB = Aqua Boots (C,8)
R = Ring of Invincibility (F,14)
RP = Ramurasu's Pendant (L,2)
RS = Remedia's Shield (C,7)
VS = Valley Sword (I,3)
* = Demon


Despa (K,13)
Fosbus (I,13)
Golvellius (D,2)
Heidi (G,7)
Jaspa (D,5)
Saipa (J,10)
Taruba (K,1)
Waruso (B,11)

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