Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Destroyable Boxes

It is not possible to have more than two bags of gold on the screen at the same time if they come from destroyable boxes. If a third box is destroyed,the bag of gold uncovered first will disappear. Note that this also applies to bracelets, extra lives and ghosts. (The ghost will disappear only if it has not yet started moving. If you uncover a ghost, you must act quickly to get it to disappear.)

Turbo Swim

When in the water, hold down button 1 while you swim to the right or left. This will enable you to swim faster.


In order to slide under a block, you must have a running start. Just before you reach the block, you must stop pushing the D-button right or left, and hold down instead; you cannot be pushing two directions at once.

The Hidden Location

In Lake Fathom, when you come to the first octopus, kill him by punching out the tentacle segments, or you can use the Teleport powder and punch him in the face twice. After you kill him, center Alex over the gray chest and press down twice. This will bring you to an underground lake and the southernmost island in the lake.

Lake Fathom Underground Lake

Telepathy Ball

In Mt. Kave there is a hole in the floor that you must fall through in order to obtain the Telepathy Ball. Destroy the skull box above the hole. This will make an indent appear in the wall of the hole, making it possible for you to get into the small cave without falling into the lava. Once you pick up the Telepathy Ball, move as far right as possible without falling into the lava. When you reach the edge, the right wall of the cave will disappear, allowing you to jump out of the cave without dying.

Telepathy Ball

The Sacred Treasures

The Letter can be found in room (B,2) of the Radaxian Palace, but only after you rescue Egle, Alex's brother. (See map.)
The Hirotta Stone is given to you by High Stone in the Nibana Kingdom, but you must have the Letter.
The Moonstone Medallion will appear on the screen after you have defeated Janken the Great.
The Sunstone Medallion will be in your possession from the start ofthe game.
The Crown will appear on the screen after you complete the Sequence. (See section below.) You must have both medallions to get the Crown.


When the words "GAME OVER" appear on the screen, hold the D-button up and hit button 2 eight times. This must be done before the music stops. Continuing will cost $400.

Janken and Henchmen

Please note, I am almost positive all the information in this section is accurate, but there are a few discrepancies in my notes that I must double-check. I can guarantee the first encounter with Stone-Head. After this, you will have the Telepathy Ball.

The following are the choices you must make when confronting each character:

Stone-Head 1 stone, scissors 1, part 3
Scissor-Head 1 scissors, paper 5
Paper-Head 1 stone, scissors 7, part2
Stone-Head 2 paper, paper 8, room (D,3) --see map
Scissor-Head 2 stone, stone 9, part 1
Paper-Head 2 stone, paper 10, part 2
Janken paper, paper 10, part 3, room (F,2) --see map

- After beating Janken's henchmen for the second time, each will take his head off and throw it at you. You must hit each character on the head three times before you can pass. Be careful, Scissor-Head will throw things at you that you must dodge at the same time. Paper-Head cannot hit you if you move Alex to the lower-left corner of the screen. You can punch his head when it flies by.
- After you beat Janken twice, he will become angry and start throwing things at you. Immediately after he has finished speaking, you must walk up as close to him as possible without touching him. After he throws the first object, jump up and punch him on the forehead. After you hit him three times, he will turn to stone.

Map Key

E = Egle
A = Extra Life
L = Letter to the Nibana Kingdom
S = Stone-Head
T = Telepathy Ball
J = Janken the Great

red line = trap door (disappears when stepped on)
blue line = wall that divides a room
blue background = room filled with water

Map: Radaxian Palace

Start (C,3)
Extra Life (C,1)
Egle (D,1)
Letter (B,2)
Stone-Head (D,3)
Telepathy Ball (A,4)

Janken's Castle

Start (A,2)
Extra Life (F,3)
Janken the Great (F,2)

- You may wish to avoid going through the rooms filled with water. This can be done by using the Cane of Flight in (D,2) and flying up to the ladder near the ceiling. (One of the water-filled rooms has multiple rows of spikes which Alex must swim between. Once in between the spikes, there is no need to press down to keep Alex from floating up into the spikes; he can swim through as normal. Positioning Alex safely in between the spikes is the tricky part. Alex will float up towards the first spike, but do not over-compensate by moving him too far down; he will hit the bottom row of spikes.)
- Watch out in rooms (C,1) and (E,3). Walls drop down from the ceiling to trap Alex. Once trapped, spikes will drop from the ceiling. Go through these rooms quickly.
Run quickly through room (D,6) so as not to get caught in the lethal spray.
- In (F,6), the ? boxes contain a ghost and a ring. Punch out the top two layers of destroyable blocks. Afterwards, slide under the platform until you get to the end. Punch out the other two layers of destroyable boxes. (This will provide you with the means to escape once the ghost is freed.) Punch the two ? boxes and quickly get the ring. (It is safe to touch the ghost before he starts moving.) Once you get the ring, jump over the platform and leave the room. When you come back in the room, the ghost will be gone.

The Sequence

When you get to the room with the pink boxes at the bottom of Cragg Lake, step on the boxes in the following order: SUN, WAVES, MOON, STAR, SUN, MOON, WAVES, FISH, STAR, FISH. After you complete the Sequence, the Crown will appear on the ledge. If the Sequence is not performed correctly, a ghost will appear to kill Alex. If this happens, immediately run as far to the left side of the screen as possible. (Do not bother jumping over the boxes in the floor.) This will make the ghost disappear, if he has not started moving already.

Other Notes

- In location 6, the Blakwoods, do not buy the Sukopako motorcycle. There are spikes in the ground that you cannot avoid if you are on the motorcycle.
- At the end of location 6, the Blakwoods, you must fight the grizzly bear. He carries a sword and therefore it is difficult to get close enough to attack him. Using an A-capsule here can save you a few lives.
- In location 7, the Bingoo Lowland, if you buy the peticopter, (which I recommend,) note that there are some clouds low enough to fly over.


The heroic action taken by
Alex Kidd resulted in the downfall
of Janken the Great and a return of
peace and tranquility to "Radaxian"
In a dazzling coronation, "Igul",
his elder brother, became the king
of "Radaxian" The citizens who were
turned into stone reverted back to human
beings through the power of the Crown
Alex was overjoyed that he was able
to use his martial art skills for the
good of the citizens
Some doubt still lingers in his mind
as to whether or not all of the
sinister enemy forces were actually
Added to this fear is the uneasiness
he feels because of the fact that the
whereabouts of his father, King Sander,
is still unknown

The End

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