Sylvan Tale
(c) 1995 Sega

Sega Game Gear - 1995
Released as 'Sylvan Tale' in Japan only, on the 01/27/95.
Product number G-3426.
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Return peace to Sylvalant!!
(Back of box)

The adventure began for the young boy Zetts when he accepted thisland's treasure, the Seeds. With the hidden power of the Seedstransferred to his body, he fights. Until the day peace is regained...

Brief character notes
(From pages 6 through 8, left to right by character image)

Zetts - the hero who burns with righteousness
Galshia - an aloof boy who wishes for peace
Rui - the beautiful Queen of Sylvalant
Sol - an old man who loves flowers
Poose - a boy who likes to map
Feeta - a girl who lives near the jungle

(Rough translation by Shih Tzu with thanks to Seska)

On a hill in the outskirts of town, there stood a remarkably large tree...
For countless centuries it had watched over the town.
One day, I noticed a strange light at the top of the tree...
(The tree fades in, the town visible in the background)
The light blinked periodically and changed its color, and from it I felt a mysterious premonition.
And without knowing why, I felt a great urge to climb the tree.
(?) It almost seemed as if the light were trying to speak to me:
"Please come here... me..."
(Zetts climbs reaches the top of the tree and approaches the glowing object)
Please help them... The children of Sylvalant...
You are the only one who can hold (use? wield? possess?) this land's treasure, the Seeds... Here, take them, quickly...
(Zetts takes the Seeds, I guess, and is warped to the bottom of the tree)
The Six Droplets...
You cannot rescue Sylvalant without collecting the Six Droplets...
Please, you must gather the Six Droplets...
The Droplets are contained within the six fortresses scattered throughout this world.
The entrance to the first fortress is marked by a rock in the shape of a face...
I beg of you, somehow... the Droplets...

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Released on the 02/11/2001.
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Thanks goes to Shih Tzu and Dave of Gaijin Productions for their donation. Rough translations by Shih Tzu with thanks to Seska. Scans and the rest by Zoop.

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