Sega Super Control Station (SF-7000)

Supercontrol Station SF-7000, containing a 3 1/2-inch compact floppy disk drive, 64K byte RAM, RS-232C terminal, and parallel printer terminal (applicable to Centronics), can be used as a high-performance peripheral device of SC-3000.

The SF-7000 documentation starts with those so well written words. Go figure why people didn't understand. Oh, by the way, the system contains a 3" floppy disk drive, not a 3.5" one :-).

Disk Basic (+ Demos) Pictures

Other Pictures

Those are amators ports or programs. Back in the days, there was alas no convenient way to assemble Z80 and thus Z80 code was done by manually poking each value, one by one! With time and dedication, it is today possible to do much better. If you're willing to learn lots of things about programming - go relive the SF-7000! :-)

Released on the 12/28/2000.
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