• 17/11/2008 0.7
    Fixed masks, which were broken in 0.6. Added UI to configure the background fill colour. Rearranged GUI into tabs to save some space. Added frame cropping. Added checkboxes to control when crop/frame numbers are reset.
  • 7/11/2008 0.6
    Big update! AVI support! PNG, PCX, GIF support! Supports much larger maps! Improved file sequence loading! Frame selection! Stitch following! Log and graph hiding! File size bloat! Quite possibly broke some things, let me know if I did!
  • 17/10/2008 0.5
    Fixed masking bug relating to colour depth. Made window remember if it was maximised.
  • 26/1/2008 0.4
    Tidied up for a proper release, made this page for it. Added "drop 0,0 matches" option.
  • 1/7/2007 0.3
    Added image masking. Converted parameters to image percentages rather than pixel counts. Added "natural style" filename sorting. Adjusted graphs.
  • 23/6/2007 0.2
    Fixed a bug when loading certain image formats. Added graphs to help monitor what's happening.
  • 21/6/2007 0.1
    Initial release. A lot of speedups.
  • 17/6/2007
    Started development. Quite slow, but it works.