• 9/4/05
    Updated for all checksum ranges and header locations allowed by the US SMS BIOS, and source tidied up a bit more.
  • 24/2/02
    Updated for checksum range 1 (Chuck Rock 2), also cleaned the source a bit
  • 30/8/01
    Updated for SDSC tag 1.01
  • 2/5/01
    Added the ability to read the header in Codemasters roms, figured out how their checksum works, and added the ability to check that.
  • 11/4/01
    Updated with newfound GG product number information
  • 10/4/01
    Moved release notes to a listbox, so Eric can write even more of them :o)
  • ??/??/01
    Updated with newfound Codemasters checksumming information
  • ??/??/01
    Various things... I forget exactly what
  • ??/??/01
    First release