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Pucrunch is a C64 compression library written by Pasi Ojala, based on a hybrid LZ77/RLE algorithm. That means it compresses stuff quite well. Jeff Frohwein ported the decompression code to GB-Z80, and I ported it to real Z80. I also did a few optimisations along the way.

I originally did this with the intention of entering the 2004 MiniGame competition but I wasn't able to finish an entry due to time restrictions. I've also since found this Z80 decompressor, which differs from mine because it is self-modifying to reduce its size but cannot be run from ROM.



Pucrunch (67KB)


aPLib is a general-purpose compression library written by Jørgen Ibsen, based on his aPACK executable compressor. Dwedit ported the decompression code to Z80 for TI calculators, and I adjusted it for Sega 8-bit systems, targetting the WLA DX assembler.

This is based on my Pucrunch code, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Z80 aPLib compresses better and uses less RAM and ROM.



aPLib v1.2 (21KB)


aPLib is free to use even for commercial use, please check the included license on the aPLib website for details.

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