October 11, 2010, at 02:03 PM

Restaurant Review: My Old Place, City of London

The closest I’ve found to a Chinese restaurant that is like a restaurant in China.

The décor is somewhat worn and faded. The furniture looks like it was above average quality when it was new, but now it’s wobbly and held together with extra screws and metal plates. The menu is not very large, and includes a lot of stomach-turning things like trotters, ears and “fire exploded kidneys”. The service is not very good. Your food takes inexplicable times to arrive. But:

  • almost everyone in there is Chinese, mostly of the immigrant (rather than BBC) flavour
  • the food is very good
  • portions are large
  • it’s pretty cheap
  • no tips (unless you’re incorrigibly not Chinese)

Probably best to go with a Chinese person, though.


Much like restaurants in China, it has got worse over time as they try to cut corners to make more money. Quality is down, portions are down, prices are up, reputation is on the way out.

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