June 24, 2011, at 04:23 PM

PS1JERT Source Released

I posted the source to the Phantasy Star 1 Japanese to English ReTranslation on the appropriate page. It’s lacking history - I have an SVN dump that’s been manually unwedged, I hope, and some crappy backups made during the stage where the SVN server was unavailable. It’s not brilliantly documented - there’s a huge amount going on in there. But it builds, and I’ve finally pulled my finger out and released it, for better or for worse.

If you want to get into hacking on it, you may need to upgrade to a 32-bit version of TASM, and/or spend the time to port it to a nicer assembler. (A great deal could probably be done using WLA DX’s .background feature, for example.) Then try to figure some of it out... it’s hard work. If you need more characters, think about using tile flipping for b/p/d/q, overloading 1/l/I and O/0, etc, and then figure out how the hell you do that. In fact, you’d be very sensible if you

  1. put it into a source control system
  2. got some other people involved (Z80 hacker, translator, ...)
  3. discuss things on the SMS Power! forums so others can learn from your work, especially people working on a translation to the same language

Officially, the project is not licensed at all. I intend to be liberal but you should get permission before you release.