July 23, 2010, at 02:22 PM

Mini Review: Aladdin

Hooray, a Disney movie licence videogame! Well, the Mega Drive version was well received...


Heavy outlining seems to want to reinforce the cartoon nature of the movie, but it comes across a bit oddly (especially the white outlines on bats in the cave stages). The backdrops, in contrast, are all in unoutlined pastel shades (except the gaudy treasure and lava stages). The first few stages' fake 3D is rather nice - not too obtrusive but it actually works well.


Somewhat bland mixture of original tunes and arrangements of songs from the movie.


While there is variety, there's really nothing that makes you want to replay any part of the game.


Mostly in line with the movie, but it's weighed down by quite a lot of exposition screens that render the text a little too slowly.


Mostly lacking in the fun department, I'm afraid. Aladdin doesn't feel very controlled, and the collision detection is decidedly iffy. The range of moves available is interesting but they're not used enough in the game - for example, there's one point in the cave level where you have to learn how to run, then how to slide, and then you never need that ability ever again. And it's not even particularly discoverable.


The 3D effects are nicely done, although the levels with that are in fact rather flat. The Prince of Persia style parts fail to live up to their inspiration.


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