Chuck Rock II


This is a typical bit of late shovelware onto the SMS, it's a port from the Amiga/Mega Drive/etc sequel to Chuck Rock. The first game wasn't brilliant - the only thing going for it was the "humorous" Flintstones-esque setting - but the sequel was worse, and it suffered from being ported to the SMS.

Nevertheless, it's an interestingly detailed game, with a lot of graphical variation and levels that aren't too "square", which makes it nicer to look at than to play. It's not appalling to play, just not in any way outstanding.

Brief game guide

Chuck Rock, your father, has been kidnapped by Brick Jagger, so now you have to go and rescue him.


  • L/R = walk
  • D = stand on your club (which serves no purpose)
  • 1 = swing club
  • 2 = jump

Stoneage Suburbs

Stoneage Suburbs 1 (48KB, GetAttachDims)
Stoneage Suburbs 2 (105KB, GetAttachDims)
Stoneage Suburbs 3 (93KB, GetAttachDims)
Stoneage Suburbs 4 (38KB, GetAttachDims)

Dinosaur Munchies

Dinosaur Munchies (5KB, GetAttachDims)

River Race

River Race (5KB, GetAttachDims)

Dipping Dinosaur

Dipping Dinosaur (8KB, GetAttachDims)

Monkey Business

Monkey Business (107KB, GetAttachDims)

Monkey Mania

Monkey Mania (48KB, GetAttachDims)

Wacky Waterfalls

Wacky Waterfalls (98KB, GetAttachDims)

Ozrics Tentacles

Ozrics Tentacles (3KB, GetAttachDims)

Lively Lava

Lively Lava (42KB, GetAttachDims)

Mind That Magma

Mind That Magma (43KB, GetAttachDims)

Going Up The Tree

Going Up The Tree (57KB, GetAttachDims)

Going Down The Tree

Going Down The Tree (22KB, GetAttachDims)

Watch The Birdie

Watch The Birdie (4KB, GetAttachDims)

Fruit Mountain

Fruit Mountain (76KB, GetAttachDims)

Snow Joke

Snow Joke 1 (60KB, GetAttachDims)
Snow Joke 2 (52KB, GetAttachDims)

Sergei The Sea Slug

Sergei The Sea Slug (6KB, GetAttachDims)

The Sewers

The Sewers 1 (35KB, GetAttachDims)
The Sewers 2 (43KB, GetAttachDims)

Look Out Its Brick

Look Out Its Brick (3KB, GetAttachDims)


Ending and credits (22KB, GetAttachDims)


You have rescued your daddy from the evil Brick Jagger

You have scored 00000000

Press Start

Well done

Father and son reunited again

Homeward bound for a good slap up meal

Mum is happy the lads are home to stay

Meanwhile Mr Jagger gets his own rock

Chuck Rock 2 Staff

Jeremy Smith

Ian Sabine

Game Design
Bob Churchill

Richard Morton
Lee Pullen

Original Music and SFX
Martin Iveson

Music and SFX Converted By
Krisalis Software

Barry Irvine
Tim Swann

Special Thanks
Chris Long
Dan Scott
and everyone else at Core Design

The End