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View topic - Can i play SMS roms on Double Pro Fighter unit for Sega Genesis/Megadrive ?

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Can i play SMS roms on Double Pro Fighter unit for Sega Genesis/Megadrive ?
Post Posted: Mon Feb 07, 2000 8:03 am
Hi guys
maybe its problem which rises there permanently, but i am here for first time so sorry if you are bored of him ;-).
I have Double Pro Fighter unit(DPF) for Sega genesis/megadrive and want to play SMS roms on it. It uses SMD format data of cartridge. I know i must append 512 byte header (by hand or using gg2MD.exe) to RAW SMS rom data but this cant seem to get it work. Maybe its only DPF specific problem and others backup unit works fine ?. If its true i really want to relive my old memories playing those ol' trusty SMS games. But here in Czech republic is hard to find some of carts, so if exists some way how to built homemade backup unit for SMS i'll be really happy :)
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Post Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2000 6:17 pm

From what I've heard, it only works with the Super Magic Drive.
This is likely because the SMD software itself runs in Mark-3 mode.
I really doubt any other backup devices will work, sorry to say.
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