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Border color problems
Post Posted: Sun Jan 02, 2000 6:58 pm
I'm having a little trouble getting the border color working
properly. To my understanding, you take lower four bits from
VDP register 7, which provides an index into the sprite palette
(entries 10h-1Fh). The color values from that location in the
sprite palette are shown on the screen when a tile or sprite
pixel has a value of zero, or when the screen or leftmost column
is blanked.

This doesn't work for all games, though. Y's sets register 7 to
00h, but the correct border color would be index 00h in the
background palette, not the sprite palette. Same thing with
Wonderboy in Monsterworld. Cool Spot seems to look OK, but it
uses a light blue color for the background, so the leftmost
column and the top of the split screen area are colored blue
instead of black like they should be on a real SMS.

Does anyone have some insight on how this is supposed to work?
If a tile has it's palette or priority bit set, would this
alter how color zero is interpreted? Or maybe when the screen or
the leftmost column are blanked, they should be colored black
instead of using register 7?
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