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View topic - Lots of SC3000/SG1000 Carts for Sale or trade

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Lots of SC3000/SG1000 Carts for Sale or trade
Post Posted: Wed Feb 23, 2005 10:30 pm
Hi Guys, I've got alot of Sc3000/Sg1000 carts etc for Sale or trade, just looking for fair offers. Can accept payment via Paypal. If there are other titles not listed you are after, let me know, I just might have it.

* All cart only unless stated. Condition Varies. * C-Cart I-Instructions B-Box
Basic IIIa, Sega, B-3
Basic IIIa, Sega, B-30
Basic IIIb, John Sands, B-40
Basic IIIb, Sega, B-40
Champion Baseball, Grandstand
Champion Tennis, Grandstand, G-1009 C B
Champion Tennis, Grandstand, G-1009
Congo Bongo, Grandstand, G-1007 CIB
Congo Bongo, Grandstand, G-1007
Drol (card), Sega Japan, C-51
Monaco GP, Grandstand, G-1017 C B
Monaco GP, Grandstand, G-1017
Music, Sega, E-101 C B
N Sub, Grandstand, CIB
Pacar, Grandstand, G-1020
Pacar, Grandstand, G-1020
Pop Flamer, Grandstand, G-1019
Pop Flamer, Grandstand, G-1019 CB
Safari Hunting, Grandstand, G-1002
Safari Hunting, Grandstand, G-1002
Safari Race, Grandstand, G-1032
Sinbad Mystery, Grandstand, G-1012 CIB
Star Jacker, Grandstand, G-1010 CIB
Star Jacker, Grandstand, G-1010
Video Flipper, Grandstand, G-1018 CIB
Video Flipper, Grandstand, G-1018
Zippy Race, Grandstand

Grandstand Program Collection on CD - Contains most Grandstand Tape software on Audio CD, in a DVD case.
+ Various Grandstand Tapes, request a list if interested.

I'm looking for other SC3000 carts/cards/tapes or paperwork.

email me on [email protected] if keen, or PM.

Also have various other systems for sale trade: Neo Geo Pocket Color, some SMS, a couple of MD, Lots of Atari 8bit, a few Lynx, etc... Email

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