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SMS Capcom Games
Post Posted: Thu Jul 29, 1999 6:40 am
Why are the games written for the SMS by Capcom so terrible!!?? I thought Strider was bad but Mercs
really puts the icing on the cake! That is the worst converstion of any game I have ever seen. Even the
fucking Hong Kong pirated carts are more appealing and fun to play!!

The graphics are purely mediocore (is that spelled right?), the controls are unresponsive (or just really
slow) and the sound...aww the sound. It saddens me. Usually Capcom pulls out the best or most
enjoyable melodies but on this game it sounds like my nephew cluncking on his annoying Fisher
Price Play & Carry Keyboard!!! I wonder who wrote that game and I wonder how they did it.
Do you think they wrote the entire game in a week or do you think they all laughed, played around,
smoked joints, ate Hoogees and drank fuckin' nasty ass beer? I don't know but once again my
good mood has been broken. Capcom is one of the video game companies that I hold with
the upmost respect. This is a company that is known for it's high quality graphics (colorful and
flashy) and beautiful stereo sound. And when I see garbage like this, it's like I've been stabbed
in the heart with a rusty fork.

Please excuse my profain(is that spelled right?) language,
Chris :o(
Limbs a Flyin'
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Post Posted: Thu Jul 29, 1999 1:27 pm
step 1) create a good looking new arcade game to rake in the cash. the producer is amused. the consumer is amused.

step 2) create a copy of that game for as many platforms as you can and as fast as you can. use the good name of that arcade game to sell units. quality of the game is not important, the game name is. the producer is amused. the consumer is not.

because it was an arcade port, the main idea was to sell the game based off the reputation the arcade game gained.

compare this against non arcade port'ed games, because they dont have a reputation to feed off, the game will be brought by consumers depending on the games merits itself.
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