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Switching Languages
Post Posted: Fri Jul 23, 1999 4:59 am

I dont know if anyone is interested in this, I'm sure some of you
already know this. It is possible to switch the language a SMS game is ran in by using a Genesis/Megadrive language switch.

I discovered this a few years back when loading up some SMS games on my Genesis like Wonder Boy In Monsterland, Xenon, And so on to find that you can play them in japanese by just switching the consoles mode to japanese and hitting reset button.

This also works with using a Powerbase convertor but as far as i've seen, I have not found any documentation of a language switch being made for the newer Genesis/Megadrive consoles such as the Genesis/Megadrive II (The Mini Version) or the other Genesis/Megadrive consoles that when you turn them on you see a screen saying LISCENED BY SEGA ENTERPRISES or something similar to that.

If you have an old Genesis/Megadrive (Prior to the Mini Version or the one that has a liscence screen appear before a game shows up then you cannot build a switch)

This is a bonus for Master System fans who are abit bored or infact speak japanese to play a japanese version of a game.

Other than that, I thought i'd mention my discovery and hopefuly it will benefit someone.
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