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Wow! I see a lot of big names here... *text*
Post Posted: Tue Jun 29, 1999 10:57 pm

...I feel kinda out of place. :)

It's pretty cool to see messages from James McKay, Ricardo Bittencourt, and Zoop; people that have made so many contributions to the SMS emulation scene.

I guess the only contribution I've made has been gym2mid. Hopefully I'll be able to make a similar program if any of the SMS emu authors decide to add sound logging to their emus... ;) And if I can ever figure out how to re-insert graphics into Phantasy Star (Japanese), I'll start, and eventually finish my first translation.

I'm really glad that Zoop decided to open up this site. I've been struggling lately, while trying to translate Phantasy Star, so all this information and discussion should be a big help.

Paul Jensen
Author of gym2mid

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