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Lord of the Sword - Endgame weirdness?
Post Posted: Mon Mar 15, 2021 7:33 pm
GameFAQs user Polar-Kun posted interesting things about Lord of the Sword's late game. It is possible to skip the third trial (Destroy the Statue of Evil), and there are also two alternating lines in the ending; what triggers them is unknown as they both can be found in the same playthrough (using savestates right before the ending). I was able to verify these myself. Curiously, if you beat the final boss by skipping the third trial, and afterwards wander over to where Medusa would be, nothing is there.

They also found remnants of a bad ending text, possibly meant to be triggered if you were unable to destroy the book? Apparently, losing the book is a non-issue and the game can still be completed as normal. In the rare occasion I would lose the book, I'd just reset right then and there. I wonder if there's anything hidden in the ROM to suggest that there was meant to be more to the ending sequences.

Here's the link to the GameFAQs post.
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