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View topic - Phantasy Star Overworld and Dungeon Data Linkage structures

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Phantasy Star Overworld and Dungeon Data Linkage structures
Post Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2021 7:39 pm
Hello All -
I am looking for some help regarding finding out how overworld maps (i.e palma/towns) coordinate positions at (X) C301/2 and (Y) C305/6 translate to a linkage table (somewhere abouts AB70-ish in Bank 03)

It seems that there is a linkage table here as the records indicate what dungeon map#, position and facing are written to (C30D/C/A) and then magic and you're in the dungeon.

What is killing me is that I can't seem to find where this AB70 starting point is being loaded. The disassembly isn't showing (or I'm missing it) where my breakpoints are set (78BD)

Does anyone have any insight on this? I will clarify where needed. For reference, i'm using MEKA with PS English ROM
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