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[VGM Packs] Sega Game Mega Pack?
Post Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2021 10:27 am
**update most split successfully (for the most part)
Congo Bongo was the only one I couldn't fix. Space armor probably should be relogged also, but good enough for a not entirely failed experiment. At least they're available, and if I or someone else feels like logging them again, that's ok.

Some of these issues with the sound engine being spammed ARE probably due to loading illegal values into the sound engine. SG games tend to be more picky than SMS/GG.
31 packs

There is a problem with vgms logged in the older systems when it comes to splitting files. It seems, either due to the older sound engine or a bug in how meka logs SG games, rather than logging silence as a long series of waits i.e 62/63...what gets output is a wait followed by the commands assigning 0x0001 for pitch and 0x0F (silence) for volume.

Manually splitting a long file can be time consuming and not generally worth it if there are alot of tracks. This issue also affects SMS games, but so far only one GG game gave issues. I'm posting the file in case anyone is curious, but the quality of this work is much lower than the GG thread until I find a way of separating the tracks effectively.
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