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Post Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2021 11:56 am
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Post Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2021 7:54 pm
You should sell here
I will buy anything Bock (the founder of the site) is not interested in.
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Post Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2021 9:54 pm

I feel eBay is generally safe but some buyers occasionally can be problematic (cancel bids after auction ends, various complains, ask for refund, it happened to me occasionally but not too much) and there are extra fees to eBay.

It's difficult to tell "correct" prices on eBay anymore, because many sellers leave games at outrageously high prices (I've seen x5-x10 expected sale price for rare titles) and then they wait for offers. Because those games can take years before being sold they bias the perception. The best way to get a fair price and ensure the games sell is to let people bid on eBay, there are generally enough bids.

As Kenneth mentioned I am generally interested in purchasing any Korean SMS game (with aim to publish them on this site too). I have about 150 titles now but they are so many unknowns.

So if you prefer a direct sale that's also possible. I'm happy to pay in advance and since Kenneth also live in France where I live if you decide to sell some games to him and some games to me, you can make a single package to simplify things.

Can you post more details about each game?

A. ???
B. ??? Is this box for Super Boy II ?
C. Super Boy II
D. Fantasy Zone: are you sure this is Korean and not Japanese version?
E. Sonic 2.
F. Super Game World 75
G. Congo Bongo? (I have same game with yellow package)
H. New Boggle Boggle 2 ?
I. ???

Can you confirm title name for (A), (B), (I) ?

Can you confirm that (H) Is New Boggle Boggle 2 when played on console? Like this one:
I think box art says "뉴 보글 보글" but in-game says "뉴 보글 보글 2" I am interested if you can confirm it :)

Thank you.
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