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View topic - Game Maps Editor: MAPeD-SMS (win/linux)

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Game Maps Editor: MAPeD-SMS (win/linux)
Post Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 7:49 am

Not so long ago, I did a post about the sprirte editor tool - SPReD-SMS. In continuation, I adapted the mapping tool for the SMS.
The MAPeD-SMS is a tool for building a game levels for the SMS games from scratch.
The tool can be run on Windows and Linux.

The main features are:

    - tiles drawing/composing tools
    - building a game map using 2x2 or/and 4x4 tiles
    - tiles patterns manager
    - data optimization tool
    - several game maps in one project
    - detachable UI
    - entities editor
    - tile properties editing ( can be used as collisions data etc )
    - import of tiles and game maps from images*
    - export to WLA-DX with wide variety of options:

      - 2x2/4x4 tiles
      - column/row data order
      - RLE compression
      - modes: multidirectional / bidirectional scrolling, static screens switching
      - tiles properties per 1x1/2x2 tile
      - level topology options
      - entities

    - export to SjASMPlus ( ZX Spectrum assembler )
    - export to JSON format
    - built-in Python script editor for writing custom data export scripts
    - NES <=> SMS data conversion**

* Smart import of images with checking of duplicate CHRs/blocks/tiles and flipped CHRs with automatic palette applying for both the SMS/NES tools.
** You can load a NES project into SMS editor and vice versa.

Examples of tiles and maps images from real games: ./data/tiles-maps
Example projects (.mapedsms): ./data

Also there are some WLA-DX samples of various tilemap renderes: ./samples/sms
Here you can find sources and binaries of multidirectional / bidirectional scrollers and static screens switching samples.

p.s.: <F1> - Quick Guide
The tool sources and additional info you can find here:

Compiled executables & samples:

[The latest development build can be found here]
MAPeD-SMS_v060b_01.png (513.22 KB)
MAPeD-SMS_v060b_02.png (168.19 KB)
MAPeD-SMS_v060b_03.png (103.93 KB)

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Post Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 10:38 am
That really looks excellent. Thanks for sharing.

I'm currently still having some difficulties getting to grips with the huge amount of options, not least because I have to adapt to all the NES terminology that's prevalent in both the program itself and the quick guide, but I'll try to wrap my head around it.
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Post Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 11:04 am
@Kagesan Thanks! Feel free to ask any questions.
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