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View topic - Weird issue, not sure whats causing it

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Weird issue, not sure whats causing it
Post Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2020 4:51 am
I was playing Golden Axe Warrior, for about 20 mins, I am a few hours into the game. When all the sudden the screen got all distorted and the sound froze to just a beeping noise, so I figured the cart was dirty, took it out and cleaned it (with proper cleaning stuff, not just blowing into it). I retried it about 3 mins later did it again, and it kept doing it (about 3 more times) until I loaded save file 2 (I always keep a backup). So I saved over file 1 and played for about 30 mins more and it didn't do it again that night. Tonight I played for 45 mins, it did it again, loaded file 2 and worked fine. No other game ever did this for me, I was playing Astro Warrior for about an hour before that and it was fine, no issues. I cleaned the game and system a few times, checked traced on the cart, didn't see anything alarming. Could a dying battery cause this issue?
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Post Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2020 11:42 am
A dying battery would likely cause all saves to get lost, not damage to one of them. It’s hard to say what the problem you are having is.
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