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Looking for SMS oscillator crystal NTSC
Post Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2020 6:28 pm
I am looking for anyone with an extra NTSC oscillator crystal for the SMS 1 board #837-6629.

I searched the number on the crystal but only found a few from China but I don't need 10 for $8 2 months from now. I found a few that look similar on digikey and console5, but I am not sure which one to use.

I am looking for someone that has an extra one, or can tell me which one is the right one for my SMS. Google is no help on telling me which are compatible. Neither is the manual. Mine lists 10.7386 and the manual says something about 53 MHz and the ones on digikey and console5 say something about 3.xx mhx. It's so confusing.

Does anyone here have a crystal they know works in my system that they are willing to ship in the U.S? If so send me a PM and I will provide a zip for a shipping estimate.

If someone can instead point me to the exact replacement for this part online, I would also appreciate it. I can buy them for roughly .60 cents on digikey or console5 with about $5 shipping.

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