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[WTB] NTSC Sega Master System
Post Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2020 5:02 am
Finally taking the plunge and buying a Master System. If anyone has an NTSC unit available for sale, I would be greatly interested. Thanks :)
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Post Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 9:11 pm
I have an M4 SMS1. Can sell it to you if you like? I had my fun with it, now I wanna sell it.

It has these mods:
* capacitors replaced
* RGB bypass mod
* brightness levels fixed
* jailbar fixes
* cartslot cleaned, and tightened to grip carts like a new slot

Jailbar fix is the same as in this PDF (I'm the author of the fix):

It'll be the very same SMS as in this video. And I mean, literally the same one. I'm the author of that video:

Part 1:

Part 2:

ALSO: Here are some more complete pics:

If you want it, message me @n4of7 on twitter. Price is negotiable.

Just to make you aware: a few games glitch out with the jailbar fix but are still playable. I'd say about 5 games have problems, the rest that I tested are fine. The jailbar fix in this instance causes drift between CPU and VDP clocks; games that glitch will randomly show garbage tiles/sprites at random parts of the screen for maybe a split second.

Games I've found that exhibit this problem are:
* Space Harrier (playable, but random junk appearing over the screen)
* Home Alone (totally garbled graphics)
* Sonic 1 (barely noticeable)

I've tested hundreds of other games. Most games aren't so reliant on exact timings.

If you don't like this, note that I'm looking into a solution: the solution is clock divider off of VDP clock.

The PDF that I linked explains everything. When I launch my webshop, the above will be fully explained.
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