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View topic - Help with Master Everdrive X7 on UK SMS model 1

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Help with Master Everdrive X7 on UK SMS model 1
Post Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 4:17 pm
So, as some of you may know, there is an issue using the x7 everdrive on a PAL SMS, or at least with some of them, like mine.

I'm sure there is a fix for it as I can get it to work from time to time when messing around with the power, I just don't what else to try, so looking to you guys for some tips.

Here's what I have discovered so far, on my system (PAL VA3), if I power on the system from cold with the everdrive in, it go to the software error 3.4 screen, if I leave this screen on for a minute or so, then quickly power off and back on, it "usually" boots in the everdrive.

After some investigating I thought i'd found a solution, changing C1 (just below reset button) to a 0.1uf was going to fix it, alas it did not.

I believe the C1 capacitor is to do with the "power on reset" circuit, if I replace the stock C1 capacitor (10uf) with a higher value, the system takes long to boot, I tried using a 100uf cap, system took about 3 secs before the SEGA boot screen appeared, this delay seemed to help as it would boot the everdrive more frequently but still not 100%. When the boot was unsuccessful, if it I shorted the C1 cap, the system would reboot and then likely boot into the everdrive menu.

I don't know if im looking in the wrong area for a fix, but something is helping playing with the C1. If anyone has any ideas as to what might be happening or what else I could try, I would love to hear it, this is know problem with this system version and everdrive combo, but I feel there is a cure for this bug.

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