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[Coding competition 2020] Dangerous Demolition by drludos
Post Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:01 pm

Dangerous Demolition is a small arcade / action game for your Game Gear!

It's a mix between breakout and a shooter: the balls help you destroy bricks walls, but they can also kill you!
Hopefully, you can shoot them to guide them in the right direction.

D-Pad: Move
1 or 2: Shoot
Start: Pause

The game is programmed in C, using the wonderful DevkitSMS and PSGlib SDKs.
I also used BMPTile and Mod2PSG2 for graphics and sfx.
Last but not the least, the catchy ingame music, titled "On The Run", is composed by Jaden Houghton.

I hope you'll enjoy my first GameGear game!

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