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View topic - Are the contacts for controller port 1 available inside a GG?

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Are the contacts for controller port 1 available inside a GG?
Post Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2020 4:17 pm
So, I'm looking at getting my GG back up and running (finally located a repair outfit in the UK), mainly for the purposes of testing SMS hacks.

I'm planning to go ahead and consolize it with 2x controller ports and video out, maybe even build a dock for it, but before I do I was wondering whether there's a full set of contacts including TH for player 1's control port hidden in there somewhere. I still plan to use a clock and latches to read the start button from an MD pad, but if possible I'd like to have switchable "direct" support for eg. the GG2SMS hacks I've worked on.

Anyone happen to have knowledge of this?

PS. Yes, I know using a GG to play GG2SMS hacks is perhaps a bit weird, but as I say, it's for testing purposes. I've come across hacks that my MD setup refuses to boot.
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