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Competitions 2020
Post Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2020 11:39 pm
Ultra-short rules:

The same as every year.

Slightly longer rules:

Deadline is 27th March 2020. You may choose to interpret that in any reasonable way. We expect people to submit patches/fixes in the following days, but try to get your entry submitted by March 27.

There are three main competitions: coding, hacks and music.

Coding competition

Write something that runs on a Sega 8-bit home system which isn't a hack. A game, a demo, a tool!
(See our Homebrew section for an idea of past work done by the community.)

Hacks competition

Make a hack of a game for a Sega 8-bit home system.
(See our Hacks section for an idea of past work done by the community.). GG2SMS hacks are not valid for the competition, there are too many of them. Please post them through regular non-competition means.

Music competition

Make some music that either uses the sound chip(s) from an Sega 8-bit home system, or is an arrangement of music from commercial software for that system.
(See our Music section for an idea of past work done by the community.)

Art competition

Make some art that can be shown on a Sega 8-bit system, using the limitations of VRAM/palettes/etc. It might be a tileset for a game or a static or animate screen. It need only be in the form of an image, though.

The small print

* If you have a project that don't clearly fit in the Coding/Hacks/Music/Art criteria and you think would be a good fit in the competition, please message us and we may work something out together (e.g. enter the project in Coding competition if that seems reasonable).
* Super-offensive or overly illegal content will get your entry rejected. Be nice.
* Entries should be either made for this competition, or substantially different to any earlier release. This means you can’t take something you released before and enter it with minimal or no changes; it also means you shouldn’t release it yourself elsewhere before the deadline.
* Coding entries must be in a format that works with a wide variety of emulators, i.e. raw ROM image or disk images. Tape images and wacky custom formats are no good unless you are genuinely making something related to those formats.
* Hack entries must be either in a format like for coding entries, or in the form of an IPS or BPS patch. You must give details of the original file(s) your hack is based on.
* Music entries can be in any format you like, provided it's VGM or MP3. You are welcome to also provide the same music in some other format alongside it.
* Art entries may be in any format that you can view in a normal web browser, or in the form of a runnable program as per the coding competition.

How to enter

E-mail: competition AT

Please do make sure to:
* Attach the file(s) preferably, however our gmail account will filter .ZIP files (even renamed) if they contains executables or batch files. If you have them, upload your file to Google Drive / Drop Box / etc. and send us a link.
* Mention the word "competition" in your subject line
* Mention your forum user name.
* Provide us with a clear, official title for your entry (as opposed to "here's my entry: rom.sms").
* Provide us with a description of the entry if you would like one to be included. We will copy whatever in your e-mail looks like a description to the corresponding pages.
* If it's a hack, specify which game/version/CRC.
* If it's a music, specify if it's an original track or a cover (specify which game, which track).
* Including cover art makes you 20% more awesome :)
* Including sources (for both music and code) makes you 256% more awesome. :)

You should receive an automatic response when it is received.
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