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View topic - Phantasy Star Mark III Cartridge Battery and ROM Replacement

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Phantasy Star Mark III Cartridge Battery and ROM Replacement
Post Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 5:53 pm
I bought a Phantasy Star Mark III cartridge off eBay and the save battery is totally dead. I know that to open a Mark III cartridge, you must remove a pair of screws underneath the cartridge label. Ideally I would like to preserve my label because it is in good shape. I could cut a pair of holes where the screw heads are, but that would leave the cartridge looking a tad ugly.

Is there a workable solution to heat up and peel back the label and reapply it without too much damage?

Should I do what 8-bit Guy did with a 2600 game label, which has a similar issue? He made a replacement label.

Also, I understand that Phantasy Star in its Japanese release has a discrete mapper chip and its ROM pinout seems to correspond to the equivalent-sized standard EPROM pinout. Does anyone have experience otherwise?
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Post Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 12:45 am
I would heat up the label with a heat gun or hair dryer to see if it could peel back (use an exacto knife on the edges and SLOWLY peel while still applying heat).

But honestly, I'd practice on a cart I didnt particularly care for first to get the hang of it.

You could also reprint the label. Get the art, measure it and get a sticker printed. Obviously thats a last resort, its best to keep everything as original as possible
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