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Help wanted - Korean game
Post Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 12:40 pm

I want to make a european repro of the Korean Game "Jang Pung 3".
Game must be reprogrammed in order to work on a European unmodified console with texts in English.
Of course I pay for this work throw Paypal.
The maximun rom size must be lower than 2048 (16mbits) this is the maximun capacity of the european mapper pcb I own.
If you can design a Cover, Manual and cart sticker for the game will be appreciated and paid too.
Please contact by private message if you can do this work and your price.

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Post Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 7:30 am
LOL ^^

"Hacked" ~4/5 years ago
A impressive 5 minutes job
(as Samgokushi 3 and Dallyeora Pigu-Wang)

Please, do not ask the rom/patch.

Try to make it yourself.
All informations needed are in this forum (check mapper specs in dev section...)

Hope to not see this one day on ebay at xxx € !
post-5150-0-10851900-1449862330.jpg (111.67 KB)
JP3 titlescreen
post-5150-0-59239400-1449862328.jpg (172.38 KB)
JP3 ingame

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Thanks for show me the way
Post Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 6:26 pm
Thanks a lot Ichigobankai for your answer.
The reason to pay is because I tried and tried without results.
I´d like to show you a photo of my stand in a event this summer for students. The public favorite was Galactic Revenge, was busy all the time. This is my focus, show people this system in events, sometimes are free and other cost, this is the reason I sold in events and in other places the rest. If my items appears in Ebay a crazy price don´t make me worry and still working for go next events with best items. My idea for next event is Unknown games this why I am working with korean games.
Thanks again for your message and your help are much appreciated.
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