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View topic - Recommended mods for the Master System II?

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Recommended mods for the Master System II?
Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:40 am
I've found an eBay seller that seems trustworthy, affordable and offers a 6 month warranty on modded consoles (Retromodzz).

What mods would you recommend?
It would be great to have somebody else's input, because this is the second modded console I'm buying, would rather not have to buy a third one down the road lol

The "basic" SMS II the seller offers is modded for RGB output, 50/60 htz switch and red/blue LED. Sure, my SMS II already does this. However on top of this they have an Arduino installed, so you can use a Megadrive controller to pause, reset and toggle 50/60 htz. Pretty neat.

Would you recommend adding other system mods from this list?
Are you aware of any other new ones not listed here, like the Arduino they offer?

A triple BIOS sounds super cool, but since nobody sells Mark III --> SMS adapters, I'm not sure it would be of any use on a SMS II?

FM sound is terrific, but then you can't toggle back to PSG. While it's bulkier and not pause modded, I could use my Japanese Master System for that and card games I guess.
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