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Game Gear Breakout Board
Post Posted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:04 am
attached is a PCB breakout board I designed. You slide this PCB into the cartridge slot of the Game Gear and you get access to all the pins.

I used this when playing around with making custom PCB for the Game Gear started with breadboard prototyping.

I made an audio Bluetooth board so I could sync my game gear with my phone and play 8bit music with true game gear quality sound!

It also helped tinker with games that had multiple chips and batteries. It also helped me hook up and oscope and analyzer to all the pins.

I think this could be helpful to someone out there making their own games or other accessories.

What I really wanted to build with it was to first program a game that would save button presses and then you could read the saved buttones presses to another microcontroller on a breadboard. Then do something with them. Something like making the Game Gear into a remote controller would be fun. Maybe some day I'll get around to it.

The file is a fritzing file.

anways Enjoy,
GameGear breakout1.jpg (112.15 KB)
GG breakout board
GameGear breakout1.jpg
GameGear breakout2.jpg (116.97 KB)
GameGear breakout2.jpg
GameGear breakout3.jpg (337.01 KB)
GameGear breakout3.jpg

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