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Light Gun accuracy between CRTs
Post Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 11:50 pm
Hello all! I've never actually posted to these forums before but I used to play around with Meka and other emulators for years before I started collecting original hardware when Flash carts (Everdrives) became the standard.

(I originally posted the below text to a couple Reddits but no one seemed to care)

I've been testing CRTs for my home setup and found some interesting results when it comes to how well light guns work and would just like to share. If anyone has any insight, please chime in!

Rather a long read but I'll try to break it down. I have a 20" and 36" trinitrons, both flat screens. I also have a 32" Sharp that was recently picked up. The 20" does not have component while the other ones do. I have two blue Konami justifiers for my model 1 genesis (one is modified to act as a player 2). I recently picked up a Sega master system and two light phasers for it.

The justifiers are spot on with the Trinitrons. However, they are a little high and to the left on the Sharp. Weird. The light phasers are spot on with the Sharp but they hit a few degrees directly to the right on the Trinitrons. They aren't entirely unplayable but its difficult to remember to compensate for the inaccuracy in the heat of the moment.

Combinations I have tried include using a power base converter on my genesis for the light phasers, multiple games (Lethal Enforcers 2 for the genesis has a nice calibration function, why couldn't all light gun games have that??), HD retrovision cables, standard composite video, not yet tried RF (does it even matter at that point?). They all produce the same results between those TVs. (I just realized I haven't tried my NES on the Sharp, yet. It works great on the Trinitrons.)

I've been reading how a lot of later CRTs had some sort of geometry calibration that messed with the timing and also to avoid 100Hz bulbs. That sucks because I really enjoy the picture of the 36" trinitron with the HD Retrovision cables. I'm also worried because I want to collect light guns for the other systems I have that have light gun games; Snes, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS1/2/3. If it was just the SMS that had the issue (hopefully) I wouldn't mind finding a smaller and older CRT just for that but, I would rather not have multiple large TVs in my little apartment to go back and forth with depending on the system. Is it possible to find a similar sized and screened trinitron that would play both guns accurately?

One last thing I wonder is if the Master System games could be hacked and have a calibrator installed. Sadly, I'm not the one for that job. Maybe I can come up with "sights" that I can stick onto the light phasers that would help aiming.

Updates: I've picked up two 20" TVs with component inputs to test out. One is an insignia flat tube just like the FD Trinitrons and it has has the same results with the light guns. The other is a Daewoo with a fully rounded tube and the justifiers are off to the right slightly while the phasers are off to the left slightly. Ugh. Maybe it's time to look into RGB modding all the regular tubes I keep finding without component inputs.

I've also been told that after the 16-bit systems, most light guns games had built in calibrators.
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Post Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 8:35 pm
SegaTime wrote
One last thing I wonder is if the Master System games could be hacked and have a calibrator installed.

That would be an amazing thing to do indeed, I hope someone gets motivated by such project :)

We could even select among variety of light phaser polling functions.

Also see
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