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WTB Sega Mark III games
Post Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 7:36 pm
Hi everyone !
Went through my games and realised I didn't have a complete mark 3 set, which shocked me :p

I would like to finish my collection. So here are the games I need.
I want them to be complete, in good condition and if possible available as lots.

Action Fighter - G-1305
Akai Koudan Zillion - G-1325
Alex Kidd BMX Trial - G-1330
Alien Syndrome - G-1339
Argos no Jûjiken - S-001
Circuit, The - G-1304
Comical Machine Gun Joe (card) - C-511
Double Target - Cynthia no Nemuri - G-1314
F-16 Fighting Falcon (card) - C-508
Final Bubble Bobble - G-1362
Fushigi no Oshiro Pit Pot (card) - C-507
Galactic Protector - G-1348
Ghost House (card) - C-512
Great Basketball - G-1320
Great Volleyball - G-1317
Haja no Fuuin - G-1331
Hoshi Wo Sagashite - G-1354
Kujaku Ou - G-1366
Lord of Sword - G-1361
Mahjong Sengoku Jidai - G-1337
Masters Golf - G-1332
Maze Walker - G-1345
Megumi Rescue - G-1359
Sattelite-7 - C-506
SDI - G-1338
Seishun Scandal - C-510
Solomon no Kagi - Oujo Rihita no Namida - S-002
Sports Pad Soccer - G-1365
Sukeban Deka II - Shoujo Tekkamen Densetsu - G-1318
Super Racing - G-1357
Teddy Boy Blues (card) - C-501
Tensai Bakabon - G-1355
The Magical Castle Pit Pot (card)
Woody Pop - Shinjinrui no Block Kuzugi - C-519
Y's - G-1370
Zaxxon 3D - G-1336

Cheers !
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