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View topic - Nekkyuu Koushien cheat code and developer team

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Nekkyuu Koushien cheat code and developer team
Post Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 11:54 am
Apparently the developers names are hidden in the game.

When selecting a game mode press Left Right Left Right Right then a button, and this screen will appear:

ぷっつん高校 secret team names : based on the developers?
P M is a parody of PL Highschool, a famous highschool for baseball.
Tarento TV = tv star team.

This is the "developer" team:

Shimizu, Suzuki, Satou, Maruyama, Ikegami, Harada, Toriumi, Katou, Sakuchi
Not sure they are all developers.

The relief/replacement players:

Nakayama, Takahashi, Kamei, Matsumoto, Kanayama, Miki

しみず is Ano Shimizu. Worked on the art for this game and Dynamite Dux while working at Whiteboard (which became Megasoft), according to @BEEP_SHOP who has been research developers and talked to Shimizu-san.

According to him, "Kanayama at the end is the developer of Sukeban-Janshi-Ryuko, Battle Golfer Yui and Mahjong cop ryu. His other name is きんちゃん58000 or かなやま68000. Taito's arcade game Mahjong quest was developed by White Board."
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Post Posted: Wed May 10, 2017 2:03 am
I asked Sotaro Suzuki and he said yes, this game was developed by Whiteboard.
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