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View topic - Which poster/catalog in which Pal game ?

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Which poster/catalog in which Pal game ?
Post Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 12:06 pm
Got some time this weekend so I decided to go through my collection of sealed games and open them one by one to see which game came with which poster.
Keep in mind those are only sealed with the sega sticker on the side but I bought like 90% of them from various old shop stocks in the last ten years or so, so it should be pretty accurate.
To be sure that there is as less mistake as possible (you never know), I will only list the games that are perfectly minty mint as new inside the box.


As for the catalogs themselves, I will list them like this:
This will be "N° 1"

This one "N° 2"

This one "N° 3"

And this one "N°4"

If there is no catalog, I will simply add "none"
If I find anything else that isn't scanned on the website, will describe it as I can (and scan it a bit later)

For those who have a bunch of games with the sega sticker and would like to contribute, a little warning: open the boxes veeeeery gently or you might get the sega sticker end in two pieces T_T


Ace of aces: N°3
Air rescue: N°4
Alien 3: none
American pro football: N°2
Assault city: N°3
Assault city (light phaser edition): N°3
Ayrton Senna's super monaco GP II: N°4
Bank panic: N°4
Bonanza bros: N°4
Bram stoker's dracula: none
Champions of europe: recto verso paper sheet with addendum in 8 languages about the tournament mode
Cheese cat-astrophe: none
Cyber shinobi: N°4
Cyborg Hunter: none
Danan the jungle fighter: N°3
Dead angle: N°3
Desert strike: none
Dick tracy: N°3
Double Hawk: N°2
Dynamite Duke: N°3
E-swat: N°3
Forgotten world: N°4
G-loc air battle: N°4
Global Gladiators: none
Golden axe warrior: N°4
Golfamania: N°2
Great Volleyball: N°2
Heroes of the lance: none
Kenseiden: N°3
Klax: none
Land of illusion: N°4
Laser ghost (this version: N°4
Line of fire: N°4
Marble madness: none
Master of darkness: N°4
Mercs: N°4
Michael jackson's moonwalker: N°4
Ninja, the: N°4
Operation wolf: N°4
Pit fighter: none
Populous: none
Predator 2: none
Psychic world: N°3
Put and putter: N°4
Rastan: N°3
Rescue mission: N°4
Running battle: N°4
Sega chess: N°4
Shadow of the beast: none
ShangaÏ: N°3
Sonic the hedgehog 2: N°4
Speedball (virgin games): none
Speedball (image works): none
Speedball 2 (virgin games): none
Spider-man: N°4
Strider II: US gold registration card in english and german
Superman the man of steel: none
Super smash TV: none
Super Tennis: N°4
Terminator, the: none
Transbot: N°4
Trivial pursuit: none
Vigilante: N°3
Wimbledon: N°4
Wolfchild: none
Wonder Boy III the dragon's trap: N°4
World class leaderboard (this version: : none
Xenon 2 (virgin games): none
Xenon 2 (imageworks): none


Some general rules that seem to apply to all my sealed games:
-every single Sega branded game has a catalog except for cheese catastrophe. Since it was the very last game released, maybe they didn't print enough catalogs and didn't want to reprint more for him ?
-not a single game with another brand (us gold, virgin, imageworks, domark, sony, arena) that I own has a catalog
-catalog N°1 looks utterly rare. In fact, many of my older games do have catalog N°4, which feels like they were later reprints.
-many games I remember buying from french old shops do have an epilepsy warning sheet in it, even a couple of non sega branded games.
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Post Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 6:44 pm
Interesting, I don't think I've ever come across catalogues #1 or #2.

Out of curiosity, have you checked for any kind of box/cartridge variations, as in being made in different countries or any relevant marks in the plastic? I wonder if their production really was consistent through the SMS's life span.
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Post Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:02 pm
Thanks a lot for posting this . My goal is to have all my games complete including posters , was bugging me if I had the correct posters , this will help me enormously.
That sheet with champions of europe will be impossible to find unless I can get a sealed copy .
This kind of info is like gold dust , because { A } not many people will have all these sealed games and then { B } those people who do won't necessarily want to open them any time soon.
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Post Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:15 pm
You're welcome :)
Iceknight: not sure I have understood your question. You mean check the "made in japan/Hong Kong" written on the cartidge or something like that ?
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