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[VGM Pack] ALF (SMS)
Post Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:00 am

Short game, strange engine. There is a setting that determines whether a track loops. I haven't been able to find it. It may be related to the value at CFB1, but it's not clear. Because of this, the included SGC does not loop the tracks. That may be fixed in the future. There is at least one sfx, not included. I actually worked on the sgc first, and then logged the vgm tracks using meka. Alot of work was done concurrently.

This game is based on a TV series. It's not clear whether it is based on the live action or animated series- they were both running in 1989, the animated series as reruns. It could just be an original idea, especially as many elements in the game never appear in the series. The last episode aired on March 24, 1990, nearly 26 years ago.

Music by Randy Roseberry, a composer i am not familiar with. This seems to be the only game he ever worked on, according to some sources.

Music is neither great nor terrible.

VGM pack at 1.00
SGC pack at 0.99 (looping issue, no sfx)


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