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Bit Managers Mega SGC Pack Thread (Complete)
Post Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 3:53 pm
Here they are. All are accompanied by generic playlists. Feel free to update them if you like.

All versions in this thread integrate sfx and bgms in one unit. The engines between the games were so similar, that in many cases little adjustment was necessary. All files in this thread have the total #of songs set to BGM. Changing the byte at 0x25 to the total number of songs will allow the sfx to play back. Most games here are 0x2C, Tintin is 0x2A.

Moving forward I will probably start using bytes 26 and 27 (first/last sfx) for information purposes..

This is a small thread. I may revisit these files in the future.

Smurfs, The (E) [!] (10.71 KB)
50 hz
Spirou (Europe) (Proto) (9.32 KB)
replaces one in other thread

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