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[VGM Pack] Bonkers Wax Up! (GG) / (SMS)
Post Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 11:32 am
Even with cheats, this game is difficult to figure out (following the theme of recent games.) This pack is tagged for both systems, but is based on the GG version. The sms version lines up with the GG version at the sample level, though waveforms do not always match. This might be true of repeated recordings of vgms. It was not tested. All tracks have perfect loops except one, but it was easy to figure out. Main challenge was clearing levels - lots of wandering.

No walkthroughs available. Even the easier difficulty is challenging. You're more likely to spend alot of time wandering looking for the necessary item rather than worrying about dying. I never used a life bar code and rarely needed one. Game is not too hard once you see how things work, but that took a while.

Version at 1.00.
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