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[VGM Pack] Lunar: Walking School (GG)
Post Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2015 12:05 pm

This little gem was a breeze to trim. All tracks had perfect loops.

All tracks tagged. I finally went through and noted where the tracks were used. Played through the game and confirmed the composers.

Noriyuki Iwadare and Isao Mizoguchi compsed the music for this game as they have done for other games in the lunar series. Noriyuki is best known for his work on the Ace Attorney, Grandia, Lunar, Langrisser franchises. I personally consider the music from the lunar series among the best I've heard in the business. Being a freelancer, he has worked across a wide variety of titles and different platforms.

I was not able to place a few tracks, it's possible I missed them. First time I have enjoyed doing a track this much in a while. Trimming took no time at all comparatively to researching the titles. Only a few are based on official titles, ost's for Lunar Magic School focus on the saturn version, which also did not receive a full ost release.

This has been one of my favorite rpg franchises, and I'm happy to have it available here on smspower.

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