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View topic - Sega8bit & SMS Power! 2014 Event - 2nd August

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Sega8bit & SMS Power! 2014 Event - 2nd August
Post Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 3:31 pm
In recent years, our friends over at the Sega8bit Forum have been organising meetups in Manchester (UK), where people play (mostly) Master System games, trade, chat and generally have a bit of retro fun. There's also a competition - with a real trophy - to add a frisson of additional excitement to the proceedings. Oh, and it's in a pub, so there's food and drinks if you like those sorts of things. We cross-promote it here on SMS Power! for the few people who don't frequent both sites.

Many of the regulars there are also regulars here, and I've been a few times myself. If you can make it to Manchester for a Saturday afternoon this August 2nd, you are welcome to join in.

The best place to discuss it is over at the official thread at the Sega8bit Forum, where you can post to say you're coming.
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